Wall Hooks in Hand and Kitchen Utensils shapes by Thelermont Hupton

Red and white Hand-shaped wall hooks

Hanging something, we often do, because it is practical and helps us find things we need with more quickly. This instantly “hooked” in hand and kitchen utensils shape by Thelermont Hupton. Each with different hand movements, this line of hand-shaped hook that says “thumbs up”, “hello” with a gesture, “rocking,” “good,” “up yours,” point, “peace” and “rock,” all without saying a word!

Kitchen utensils wall hooks

Hooks come in a variety of warm colors: black, pink, orange, red or white, cast in composite materials with a rich lacquer finish. Mounted on the wall, this hook is the art of functional and stunning cold hands make a great addition to a smooth wall. You can get it for £ 90. Whereas, if the hand movements do not convey your message, throw some cooking utensils in the room – or use the hooks in the form of tools that resemble pots, knives and roll, attached to the wall in the heat of the moment! Choose between red, black or white. Pan Hook, hook, hook knife rollers are available for £ 22.

Peace hand-shaped wall hooks

Knife wall hooks design

Hand-shaped wall hooks

Hand-shaped wall hook sets

Thumbs up wall hooks

Red Kitchen utensils wall hooks

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