Twenty High-Tech Gloves

High-Tech Gloves [Part1]

Nowadays glove has designed more than used for safety of our hands against the cold, injure, etc. For various purpose, hi-tech glove comes brings any features which can protect and helping our handling multiple tasks. This article provides information of 20 high-tech gloves, which have added advantages in our life. Look forward for completed articles “as soon as possible”.

Enable Talk

Speech Impaired Glove

Sign Language Converted

1. Enable Talk

From Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2012, this high-tech glove has designed especially for speech impaired. The Enable Talk by Ukrainian team QuadSquad can translate sign language into text and then into spoken words using a text-to-speech engine. The whole system then connects to a Smartphone over Bluetooth in Windows Mobile platform. Powered by solar cells to increase battery life, it fitted with an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, and 15 flex sensors along the fingers, thumb and palm. The prototypes successfully tested in Ukraine and will sell in costs $75 for each glove.

Braille Interpreter

Sight-Impaired Glove

Convert Braille into Voice

2. Braille Interpreter

Concept design by Hyung Jin Lim for sight-impaired who can’t read Braille – The Braille Interpreter fitted with tactile sensor, a Bluetooth earphone and interpreting software. All devices are connected – when user touch the Braille surface, tactile sensor on index finger will translated data into voice and sends to the main device housed on the back of the glove. Over here information are interpreted to the earphone via Bluetooth as voice data.

Essense Glove

Victims Diagnostic Tool

Glove for Volunteers

3. Essense Glove

As first aid for volunteers, this high-tech glove replace many tool which regularly carried for first solution diagnostic victims on disaster situations. Concept design by Brad Prose, it can reads pulse, temperature, and blood glucose levels using infrared technologies while the result will displayed on screen.

Frontline Gloves

Firefighters Glove

Wireless Transmits

4. Frontline Gloves

Built in pair for sending two firefighters signal via wireless transmits. The Frontline gloves displayed through led lights and allow individual’s uses hand gestures to communicate 2-direction in critical situation. Because of difficult with radio or other devices, Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon developed it for clearly signal communicates quickly back and forth.

“Each glove contains custom-made electronic chip based on ATMega chip. It contains a sensor that can detect sounds in the distance with low visibility or smoke fulfill, while the ultra-bright LEDs will guide information. The glove also equipped sensor in the finger, which allows the user to make physical movements and send signals via wireless Xbee modules to the other glove.”

Magic Glove

Replace Holding Vacuum

Brush and Vacuum Glove

5. Magic Glove

Perhaps this could replace some of deficiencies holding vacuum – The Magic Glove has developed by Christian Sallustro serve as brush as well as vacuum. Subdivided in three parts: glove, brush & suction system and held together with Velcro. Built in innovative synthesis of form, ergonomics and flexibility – this powered by a rechargeable battery, easy cleaning & dusting all the while attached to user’s hand.

Wash Gloves

Glove Faucet Connected

Easier to Wash

6. Wash Gloves

No programming system in here, but it interesting – this wearable appliance combines the pad in the glove, save further effort, and can be washed the most light. The Wash Gloves works when it connected to the faucet, since the gloves have interlayer makes the water flows directly out of the glove. Designed by YangShunFa, LeeYuCheng and JengJheChang – easier to wash, to prevent the spread of water everywhere, and get the benefits of saving water resources.

Fiber Optics Light Glove

Emitted LED without Shadow

7. Fiber Optics Light Glove

In order to produce a working light without reflected the shadows at the object; it’s concept design of The Fiber Optics Light Glove. This wearable device will emitted a white LED and powered by battery pack, since it “transferred” through the attached optical fibers to a specified location. Bottom part of the glove produces diffused working light; optional light source is at the end of the index finger as spot light. Concept design by Tilen Sepic – Just point at the location and you will see light!


Interactive Boxing Glove

Fun Boxing


No need goes to boxing gym if you’re not professional – The DOMYOS ready to companion our sport in fun. Designed by Damien Urvoy, it come pair in two types (black and red) of gloves and the punching bag is wall mounted. They are designed to be light and close to the users hands in order to facilitate the learning of punching. This equipment provides a good and natural feeling while being perfectly protected. Watch out for the red light and hit to win points and improve your boxing level.

Rock Paper Scissors Glove

Self Plays to Learn Weaknesses

Plays Game Self

9. Rock Paper Scissors Glove

Playing competitive game of ‘rock paper scissors’ against self and actively plays to learn weaknesses – this glove has built-in some basic electronics and can interact with us on our own terms. If wearer tends to favor rock, the glove with play paper more often and if the wearer always plays a paper after scissors, the glove will always counter with scissors. Created by inventor Steve Hoefer, this wearable device uses a simple winter glove mounted, creator also posted instructions and full electronic diagrams on his site for everyone who wants to build it.

Experience Recorder

Auto and Manual Mode Service

Principle of Experience Recorder

10. Experience Recorder

This glove fits on the hand and records not only photos, but also sounds, movement, video, and temperature – all of which are then attached to the wireless computer connection. From principle: “Every parts of a human body are directly connected to the nerves of brain and each movement of our body is governed by the signal sent by the brain”. From here ‘Jik – Experience Recorder’ has created and through the sensors, it can record all of experience.

Middle finger is used for data processing, first finger for synesthesia, thumb for sharing, and ring finger for interaction and little finger for low-tech. Designed by Valeria Fuso, the best feature of this device is that wearer can record the function on the auto mode as well as manual mode too. For instance, if wearer wishes to record video, they make their fingers into an O shape, and look through the newly formed finger-viewfinder to see what will be recorded.

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