Twenty High-Tech Gloves [Part 2]

Twenty High-Tech Gloves 2

A wearable computing seems like the perfect solution for us who want to integrate technology into our everyday life. To being an efficient as well as complementary accessory for current technology, these Twenty High-Tech Gloves [Part 2] is perfect device for the fledgling wearable computing market. The article was completed.

Mobile Music Touch (MMT)

Motor Skills Improved

Piano Keyboard Glove

11. Mobile Music Touch (MMT)

Being researches at Georgia Tech for helps people with paralyzed spinal cord injury (SCI) to improved motor skills and heal their injury. With playing piano, The Mobile Music Touch (MMT) will activated learning sessions involved individuals and allows the wearer to play following the song and gradually memorize the keys to hit. This high-tech glove is connects wirelessly to a computer, MP3 player or Smartphone by vibrating the wearer’s fingers. Music is programmed into the wirelessly connected device and – if the correct keys are illuminated on the piano keyboard, the glove vibrates to indicate which finger should hit the key.


Touchscreen Gloves

DIY Touchscreen Glove

12. TapCaps

For operated touchscreen devices while wearing glove as on winter, this smaller & thinner item comes to solve problem. The TapCaps is capacitive stickers that can be applied to any gloves and make it useable for iPhone, iPad, etc. From inventor Alice Ning, this mass-production product reportedly be cold- & waterproof, and will not leave adhesive residue on the glove.

A somewhat similar product already exists from grathio labs, by simply sewing through the fingertip a few times with conductive thread; wearer can give the screen enough capacitance to detect their touch without having to take off the gloves. If you have a time to create item like this, you can try to make-it with following instruction from grathio.


One Hand Typing Smartphone

Customizable Touch Combinations

13. Keyglove

As solution for typing Smartphone or tablet, which sometimes-difficult input options with only one hand, this glove provides keyboard typing-like and accelerometer for mouse control via wireless connectivity. This wearable input device was designed by Jeff Rowberg – The Keyglove is an open-source input device Arduino/AVR-powered, provides flexibility with customizable touch combinations and gestures for gaming, design, art, music, device control, 3D object manipulation, data entry, and other.


The Human Grasp Assist

Maintain Grip and Protect from Injury

14. Robo-Glove

Developed by NASA and GM as power-assisted glove in order to allow the wearer hold a grip longer, comfortable and protecting from injury. The Robo-Glove or K-Glove is device based on grasping technology originally developed for the hands of Robonaut 2 (humanoid robot to assist aboard activities of the International Space Station).

Inspired by the finger actuation system of R2, The Robo-Glove has actuators in each finger that embedded in the top of the glove. When the user grasps the tool, the synthetic tendons automatically retract, pulling the fingers into a gripping position and holding them there until the sensor is released. Thus, the user doesn’t have to strain to maintain their grip, and protecting them from injury.

iPhone 5 new

Backhand iPhone Concept

Crab-like iPhone

15. iPhone 5 new

In the form of crab-like, this concept design of iPhone 5 new by Federico Ciccarese that seems stationed on the backhand. The wearable iPhone provide application like the ordinary, plus more this device do not need to keep in hand, and interaction with the soul of the instrument is verbal. Another interesting wearable mobile communication device can you found on Glove one.


Heat Winter Glove

16. VentureHeat

For doing outdoor activity on frigid winter weather, this rechargeable-heated gloves will make wearer get extra warm. Being revolution from heated clothing – The VentureHeat is innovative gloves-heat with four different temperature settings for up to 8 hours on a single charge. In price $99.50, it feature 3M Thinsulate ™ lining, flexible, thin gloves are powered by two lightweight lithium-ion batteries that are virtually undetectable makes wearer comfortable.

The Peregrine

Gaming Glove

Fast Glove Response

17. The Peregrine

Replace keyboard buttons when gamming – The Peregrine glove is perfect for gaming applications which needs handles modifier keys like CTRL, ALT and Shift in fast responses. This USB glove can be customized for over 30 user-programmable actions. It has three Activator Pads – on the thumb tip, middle and on the palm. Whenever these Activator Pads make contact with a Touch Point on a finger, a “keystroke” will instantly sent to the game.

HR Gloves

High-Tech Skier Glove

Music player and 2-way Radio

18. HR Gloves

For skier to got a music playing in quickly and radio communication while down a hill. HR Gloves is concept design by William Mazuel – music player in right hand and 2-way radio in left. It connected with fiber tonic transmitter and using finger combination on each finger & three on the thumb for turn multiple functions like volume, hold and captor.

Piano Virtual

Piano Gloves

Playing Piano without Piano

19. Piano Gloves

Enable wearer to playing piano on any surface via buttons on the tips of the fingers without actual piano. The Piano Gloves outputting audio from processed via an Arduino microcontroller wired to the buttons and presently the software can be set to play a major scale or ten semitones. With onboard software, this prototype by Scott Garner processing to track the player’s movements via serial over USB and create the corresponding piano notes.

Beat on the Block

Speaker Backpack Concept

Tap on a Flat Surface

20. Beat on the Block

Beat the drum without actual drum enough with The Beat on the Block. Concept design by a bunch of students from the Artesis University College of Antwerp – it would allow wearer to tap the gloves on a flat surface and recreate the sound of a full drum kit through a specially designed speaker backpack.

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