The FLIZ Bike

The concept FLIZ represents an expansion of urban mobility for different users represents a starting point for this was the investigation of the walking machine of Baron Karl von Drais, the Forefather of the bicycle and the inventor of the automobile mobility. The natürlichste mode of transportation – the human gait – is picked up by the impeller and FLIZ concept today Ansprüchen adapted to mobility.

Shape development it emerges from the hand-laminated glass and carbon fiber frame that is ergonomically and visually different from the bike. , In combination with the 5-point harness it is integral with the body of the driver, whereby a totally new Fahrgefühl arises. Also Buckle up and hang up, the luggage on the two horizontal transverse frames possible. Aware of proven components of a bicycle such as steering, hydraulic brakes and wheelbase been maintained, so no relearning of driving is necessary. For the intuitive handling a bicycle remains safe and driving stability is ensured.

The frame serves as a damping, the adjustable harness system provides optimum “Freedom Run” – a very gentle way of moving. The joints are relieved and the body weight is distributed over a larger area. Thanks to these properties before all the use in the field of rehabilitation or exercise therapy imaginable. People with limited movement patterns remain able to enjoy the mobility of a bicycle and facilitated by running to the strong leg muscles gently. The braced with Rest on the floor at any time – even while driving may legs and foot with Help the narrow passages are relieved at the rear dropout.


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