Mojito Shoes with Swivel Sole by Julian Hakes

Swivel Sole Lime Peel Removed

London architect Julian Hakes took shoe design is truly awesome single with swivel regularly replace high heels. Set out to design shoes like what the world has ever seen. Beginning of the manufacturing process, designers experiment with their own legs in wrapping paper and ribbon and draw various geometric designs on paper and overall contour of her legs. After carefully cutting the new form with a scalpel, designers find interesting shapes resembling an orange peel was removed. In the experiment with the paper that led, ultimately producing designer shoes seen here. The graceful airy form wraps around the foot and arch tempting to leave open. Although it looks uncomfortable but never stopped shoe lovers especially for this single design circles, and everyone has a Mojito shoe WHO has said that “surprisingly comfortable”.

Surprisingly Mojito Comfortable

Julian Hakes Mojito Shoes

Graceful and Airy Shoe

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