High-Tech Rings

Eight of High-Tech Rings

High-tech rings – a simple titles for describes how sophisticated these rings. For gamer, hands-free mobile, counting cash, virtual ID-Card, display nostalgic moment, UV ray detector, security device, and vibrating alarm – these eight rings are probable can change perception of the world that “the ring is more than just a symbol of marriage”.


Rings that Enhance Touch Screen Devices

Gaming and Phone Remotely

1. Ringbow

In purpose to be the next generation gaming accessory, the Ringbow is a ring-mounted wireless pointer that provides functionalities of a mouse, keyboard and joystick in one. It has a 5-way D-pad (4 directions & a button push), works on Android & iOS (coming soon) and supports any Bluetooth enabled device. This high-tech ring is project design by Saar Shai and Efrat Barit promise dual-purpose directional pad-assisted that is meant to enhance touch screen devices. Aside from acting as a physical controller for games, the Ringbow can also be used to control a mobile device from a distance. For example, it can be used to remote control of your operating system, applications, music apps and presentation tools, allow you to operate and answer your phone remotely and turns your device into a multi-user or multi-player platform similar to Shift and Ctrl commands on desktop programs.


Ring Bluetooth Headset

FOLED feature

2. O.R.B.

Cable-free as mobile phones device – this ring as well as ear accessories is high-tech device was developed by Hybra Advance Technology, Inc. The ORB (Orbital Ring Bluetooth) provides functionalities of Bluetooth headset for hands-free calling, promise high-quality sound for ear and built-in Bluetooth class 2 technology (~30-ft range). It features a FOLED (Flexible Organic Light Emitting Diode) screen to display caller ID, text messages, and calendar reminders for effortless communication without taking the ring off the finger.

Counting Ring

Ease in Handling

Infrared Ray Scanning

3. Counting Ring

Design for help families-business more accurate count the cash. This high-tech ring takes a concept of IR scanning, where it will record much of sheet has passed. Built-in 4 main components including LED display with a power switch to tell the number of sheet that has been flipped, Infrared ray scanning for recording and detecting the money, sheet-separating veins together with a battery slot. The counting ring offers ease in handling and is cheap and portable as well. Counting Ring designed by various designers: Wei Hansen, Li Shaochen, Xu Jinrui, Qi Yibin & Zhao Ying – Slip it on the thumb and you’re set.


Information Transfer Feature

Virtual Personal Data Card

4. Handshake

Replace the ID-card; it can exchange basic information with new people by shaking hands. A user-ring will exchange information when the both of people shake hands, while the personal data information previously saved via a card inside. The Handshake by Hideaki Matsui takes a step further by creating an information transfer function. The power source comes from the human body temperature, so that the plug is not required.

Portrait Projecting Ring

Recorded Message Ring

5. Portrait Projecting Ring

In purpose reminded nostalgic moment, this engagement ring could display slides a family portraits. Designed by/for Luke Jerram (his-self) and collaboration with jeweler Tamrakar which inspired by 19th Century Stanhopes. The Portrait Projecting Ring has a 20 second recorded message – Jerram’s proposal – etched onto its surface. The message can be played back with a miniature record player. “The ring was my first prototype and was made by hacking apart disposal cameras to find the right lens I needed,” said Jerram.


Help Monitor UV Rays

Information Synchronized to Doctor

6. Marcus

To monitor the effects of sunlight on the skin of people, ‘Marcus’ by MHS Electronics Julien Bergignat & Laurence Charron-Huysecom is comes. The device comes in a ring form for easy portability and because the hand is part of the body most exposed to sunlight. The ring is was designed to help monitor UV rays and the damage that can cause your skin. The sun can be more dangerous than just a sunburn or tan. It measure and maintain information about the time people spend in the sun to avoid skin and eye diseases such as melanoma. Will control the body’s intake of UV through the hands and sends data to the doctor to tell you if your body is getting too much sun. To keep information synchronized and the ring charge, simply place it on top USB-powered dock.

Open Me

3D scanner Ring

Swarovski Adorned the Ring

7. Open Me

Fantasy of crystal ring as well as security device by Brussels designer Marcial Ahsayane; maybe inspired by beautiful female spy in James Bond. The Open Me is a geometric Swarovski adorned the ring that serve as a key to open doors. The ring is discrete until the cut glass section pops out, while a 3D scanner embedded in the door lock scans the facets of Swarovski, and opened after authentication process.

Alarm Rings

Vibrate Ring Alarm

Hearing Impaired Alarm

8. Alarm Rings

Special designed for those people who hate the blaring loud sounds of typical alarm. Wore on finger and rings will vibrate to wake the people, whereas for shut-off the alarm, people must putting the ring back on the dock. This high-tech elastic ring comes in pair suitable for couples whom wake up at different hours. Put the rings back in the dock for set the time and charger. The Alarm Ring by Meng Fandi seems also suit for people with hearing impaired.

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