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The FLIZ Bike

The concept FLIZ represents an expansion of urban mobility for different users represents a starting point for this was the investigation of the walking machine of Baron Karl von Drais, the Forefather of the bicycle and...

Twenty High-Tech Gloves 2 0

Twenty High-Tech Gloves [Part 2]

A wearable computing seems like the perfect solution for us who want to integrate technology into our everyday life. To being an efficient as well as complementary accessory for current technology,

High-Tech Gloves [Part1] 0

Twenty High-Tech Gloves

Nowadays glove has designed more than used for safety of our hands against the cold, injure, etc. For various purpose, hi-tech glove comes brings any features which can protect and helping our handling multiple...

Eight of High-Tech Rings 0

High-Tech Rings

High-tech rings – a simple titles for describes how sophisticated these rings. For gamer, hands-free mobile, counting cash, virtual ID-Card, display nostalgic moment, UV ray detector, security device, and vibrating alarm

Nowadays Glasses 0

Nowadays Glasses by Adapting the User Needs

Offers foldable, self-adjustable, hi-tech, and even glasses for people with special needs; here several of thousand interesting glasses that perhaps can you found on the market nowadays,

Future Watches 0

Technology filled on Traditional Watches

Nowadays, it must be said if the popularity of watches is rather less popular for the young people – Smartphone and iPad has provided everything is needed. Whereas for collectors are usually interested

Christian Popsicles 0

Christian Wine Popsicles by Sebastian Errazuriz

This is indeed the right moment to give to someone in order to the Ascension of Jesus Christ. From artist & designer Sebastian Errazuriz will be showing a new limited edition artwork, holy wine...

Nano Hummingbird 0

Nano Hummingbird Spy Cam by AeroVironment

Carefully, maybe you are being spied upon; AeroVironment’s developing a new class of air vehicle systems ready to be a phenomenon of biological mimicry and urban surveillance while capable of indoor and outdoor operation,