Staircase Archive

Staircases design combined three elements in one with Steel balls

What the staircase that you need for your house, wooden stairs, metal stairs, glass stairs. Well this stairs called Balloon is combined by three

Unique Staircase Design like an Elongated Rib Cage Dinosaurs

Philip Watts has created an unique staircase for a private client. It is a sculptural and somehow reminiscent like an elongated rib cage dinosaurs.

Library on Under Stair Solution Ideas

There are various solutions which you can apply to under stair storage; and idea to making small library on under stair should also be

Sports equipment and a small Computer desk for Storage system hidden Understairs

DCI having inspiration ideas from freshome about storage in understairs, but DCI think, It’s not enough wide if we put all storage in understairs

Staircase Concept Design Ideas

staircase with beds in small apartment decorating ideas. Concept mini beds at above staircase with calm design, It’s so brilliant ideas