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Nature and Modern Bathtub

Baignoire Stone Pixel Tub with Wood Finishing

This wood finishing bathtub by Bleu Nature is a clever combination of humans meets the organic elements of nature and modern finish, blending in sweet harmony. The Baignoire Stone Pixel tub known natural driftwood...

Apple Toilet

Exclusive Ipoo Toilet for Apple fans

Apple logos could be found at iPad or iPhone series, now apple logos can be found at different place. Right, this iPoo Toilet, it’s a prestigious designer toilet; there is no lack of style...

Unique Calla Bathtub

Relax in Harmonious Calla Bathtub

Calla bathtub especially designed to create full relax in harmonious, because the bathtub inspired nature and it is hoped the wearer will enjoy time to relax and indulge in the quietness of the soul.

Washbasin in blossom shape for kids

Colorful Bathroom for Kindergartens

That is colorful bathroom Ideal for use in kindergartens and playgroup, these small-scale kid’s bathrooms are designed especially with little ones in mind, imaginative, colorful and playful.

White Basin and Shower unit

Cozy Fontana basin in Bowl shapes

If your bathroom is small and you think that, it is difficult to decorate because there is not enough space for big furniture like bathtub and shower unit.