Amazing Ceilings by Night Sky Murals

A Night Sky Mural is a proprietary paint process that recreates a permanent, astronomically accurate simulation of a star-filled night sky on the ceiling of a darkened room. Our skilled painters hand paint each mural, one star at a time, reproducing a very realistic starscape illusion with thousands of glowing stars that turn your ceiling into a vision of the universe. You choose the date and time represented, our skilled painters create the astonishing results. When your room goes dark the ceiling will seem to disappear and you will be left staring into a photorealistic image of the far reaches of space. The night sky will emerge as clearly as if you were outdoors. When the lights are on, no one will know that the stars are even there.

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  • Jeff

    I just wanted to say thanks for the mention on this site! I’d also like to invite anyone over to the Night Sky Murals web site for more info. By the way, I travel all over the world painting he murals. I can also help anyone wanting to do a DIY project too. I’d be happy to offer suggestions.

    Thanks again,