Water tank New York luxury house

Greenwich Village in New York is known to be the area with the most surprising accommodations solutions. Lately, on the roof of a skyscraper,

Wall Ornaments for your Home to add Uniqueness

When you purchase your new home or apartment, you often think of where everything will go from the furniture to the utensils. Another thing

The High-Tech Style for Interior Design Concept

Short definition of high-tech design concept for interior composition Nickel, neon, some insertions of plastic, straight lines, simple design, no bling-bling, no flowers, no

Shabby Chic-Between Futuristic and Retro Concept Design

Sometime in the 80’s a new concept of interior design was brought to life by the brilliant mind of Californian designer Rachel Ashwell, the

SF Designed House-a Gift for Naomi Campbell

Rublyovka is a residential suburb of Moscow, where a new house has been raised. This house easily could become one of the main attractions

Futuristic Bubble Baby Bed

Baby bedtime-the best inspiration ever Don’t you just love the image of small baby sleeping happy in his crib? This angelic image must have

Design Concepts That Make a Room Look Bigger

Many people have a concept in mind about what to do with space in their homes, but they don’t have a clue on how

4 Top Interior Design Concepts

  There are a few basic concepts that can be used to make the interior parts of a house look great. These designs can

Ciel American State Paris the Tallest and Therefore the Coolest French Eating House

  Ciel American state Paris eating house bar is that the French attraction that ought to not be lost. With its unimaginable interior style,

Moebius House AN Awing Design Conception with Innovative Trends

  Moebius home is here to impress you with its capability to satisfy today`s desires, fashionable trends, and preferences for a convenient and passable

Roll it Experimental Housing by University of Karlsruhe

  This engaging associate degreed contemporary plan is an innovative design house, a beautiful interpretation on the theme of minimum and convertible areas. Roll

REHAU Collections Supply Fashionable Materials Solutions

  Currently the market offers terribly fascinating and fashionable materials, that are sturdy, environmentally friendly, and appears really smart. Once we begin to furnish